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The solution comes from Chile. This state is experiencing the plastic crisis first-hand. Its long and indented coast is suffocating under the heaps of washed up plastics. The Chilean scientist Roberto Astete has invented Solubag material that has the potential to replace all plastic worldwide.

The Ecological Revolution

The revolutionary Solubag material has been developed with the aim to create a raw material for the production of nontoxic foil. Our products are made from this precise foil. If we realize that people use 5 trillions of plastic bags annualy, and 70 % of those end up nature, the Solubag material can be considered the ecological revolution.

The development of Solubag is gaining momentum. Both founders have the same goal: to replace all plastics on Earth with their water-soluble harmless alternative.

Solubag company history

Partnership with Czech company Solubrand

In 2019, Solubag starts to build a market and form partnerships in the Old Continent. They chose Central Europe as their base. 

Czech company Solubrand has become the strategic partner with European overlap.

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