The Revolutionary Solubag Material


Solubag is a revolutionary material. At first glance it resembles a classic plastic bag but at second glance you notice some differences. Nontoxic Solubag bags are firmer, their texture is different to touch and most importantly - you can dissolve them in water. Solubag promises ecological disposal and end of environmental devastation.

How doest it work?

Solubag is based on patented technology. The basic raw materials include PVA, a substance well known for example in the coating of tablets or capsules. PVA is normally produced from oil, but in the production of Solubag the oil component is removed and replaced with a unique mix of natural gases and minerals. . An environmentally and health-friendly substance is produced. It is even possible to precisely adjust the Solubag solubility dependent on the water temperature.

You can put the nontoxic bags and small nontoxic bags in a container of water and mix in. They will dissolve completely in a few minutes. Only substances that occur naturally and do not harm the environment remain.

We are launching on the market...

We are currently launching nontoxic bags and small nontoxic bags made of non- woven fabric. Both of these products can be dissolved readily in hot water at 85°C. Furthermore, we are also extending the range of protective equipment.

However, Solubag is variable. The temperature at which the bags begin to dissolve can be adjusted. It is possible to make bags that can be dissolved in cold water (used in dry climates, such as Chile) to almost boiling water. The huge advantage is that there is no need to introduce new machines - Solubag granules can be replaced with existing oil granules in any bag making machine. Solubag processes them without problems.

Solubag is also a material of great potential. After some adjustment, it could produce garbage bags, crates, gloves, food containers or disposable dishes.

Both nontoxic bags and small nontoxic bags made of non-woven fabric can be printed with nontoxic colors.

How Solubag material originated?

Solubag was originally formed in Chile as a byproduct in the production of soluble detergent capsules. Moreover, the coast of Chile has solved a major problem with plastic garbage and became the first South American country to completely ban disposable plastic bags. Chilean researchers have therefore dedicated three years to developing and innovating this environmentally friendly material. The Chilean company developed by Solubag has the composition of this material certified by the Food and Drug Administration in Chile, has been awarded the Latin American Best Innovation Award, and collaborates with companies in Silicon Valley.

Researchers Roberto Astete and Cristian Roberto Olivares, who invented Solubag material and may have found the solution to the current problem with plastic and micro-plastics, which do not decompose and almost every day contaminate our planet with growing amounts of waste. The couple of scientists are convinced of the harmlessness of Solubag by drinking their dissolved nontoxic bags at each presentation, and both researchers enjoy good health.

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