Face Mask Solubag

Hygienic surgical mask from Solubag material. Made from non-woven textile and rubber band which secures the mask behind your ears. Breathable material. Protects from possible infections or dirt in the air. Can be re-used. After using it, you can easily dissolve it in hot water over 85 °C, only the elastic band remains.

Product details


17 x 9 cm


9 g


25 g / m2

Dissolving temperature

min. 85 °C

How long for it to decompose in nature

180 days

Sewing through

cotton thread

Printing possibilities


Mimimum order including printing


Pieces in carton

2000 pcs

Size of carton

52 x 38 x 30 cm

Product weight without carton

18 kg

Product weight including carton

19,5 kg

Price (VAT not included)

1,45 CZK



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