Shoe Covers Solubag

Elastic shoe covers from Solubag material. Protect floor surfaces, operation, and your shoes from dirt, bacteria, etc. Easy to put on. Can be used multiple times. When you are done with them, you can simply dissolve them in water over 85 °C, only the elastic band remains.

Product details




18 g


25 g / m2

Dissolving temperature

min. 85 °C

How long for it to decompose in nature

180 days

Sewing through


Printing possibilities


Mimimum order including printing


Pieces in carton

2000 pcs

Size of carton

18 x 17 x 42 cm

Product weight without carton

36 kg

Product weight including carton

37,5 kg

Price (VAT not included)

2,30 CZK



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