The non-plastic revolution is here!
A revolutionary, worldwide patented, plastic-free solution

The non-plastic material (bags, small bags, protective equipment, customized solutions) decomposes in the nature in up to 180 days and is environmentally friendly 

One granule, thousand possibilities

Single-use nontoxic and carrier bags

Perfect solution for retail chains with huge consumption of bags

Personal protective equipment and clothes

Surgical masks, coveralls, aprons, shoe covers... e. g. for medical personnel or industrial production

Filling and packaging material

For e-shops, car industry, furniture producers, ...

Agricultural equipment

Non-woven fabrics for protection against sun and pests

New on the market: water-soluble bags without plastics

UN: "This is a planetary crisis!"

Solubag responds to the alarming amount of plastic waste. The main goal is to completely eliminate the single-use plastic bags and disposable bags. The revolutionary Solubag material has the potential to replace all the plastics on Earth.

Solution of the plastic crisis comes from Chile

Czech company Kyosun Europe has become a strategic partner with Chilean Solubag. Together we are searching for new opportunities on the European market, new ways how to use Solubag material and we are the supplier of the finished products.     +420 773 08 2222