About Solubag

Solubag is an environmentally friendly solution that satisfies zero waste needs. Taking on the global challenge of plastic pollution, our products introduce new innovations to the packaging market, with the potential to reduce global waste and replace plastic products.

Ecological, Comfortable, Applicable 


in hot water over 85 °C

Produced from 
from renewable solutions

Decomposes in 180 days common soil components

Textile printing 
with nontoxic colours

and reusable

Tailor-made solution 
for different operations

Simple disposal

Solubag can be disposed of easily and efficiently while being environmentally friendly. The material dissolves in a range of temperatures, leaving behind no harmful waste. 

Eco material with advantages

Presenting a revolutionary material that functions as a substitute to plastic

  • Firmness
  • Elasticity
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance
  • Sustainability

How it actually works

Unique solution

Solubag is a specially manufactured and modified polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). PVA is a material that has been used since 1930 and is currently used, for example, to coat pharmaceutical capsules or dishwasher tablets. PVA is typically made from oil, but natural gases are used in the production of Solubag material. This creates an ecologically harmless substance that is soluble in water.

It can be done without oil and biomass

 In the production of Solubag material, the carbon footprint is successfully reduced through constant innovation of the technological process. Corn, potatoes, and sugarcane can remain as food and not be converted into biomass for bioplastics production.

Solubag provides an optimal solution to the problem of plastics made from fossil fuels and some ethically problematic biodegradable alternatives

Material with great potential

Our current offer

We are currently launching nontoxic and non-woven bags. Both of these products are dissolved in hot water over 85°C. At the same time, Solubag is a material with great potential - what would you say to a garbage bag, crates, gloves, medical masks, food containers, disposable tableware, ... all made from Solubag?

Resistance of small bags and carrier bags can be changed!

Solubag material is amazingly variable. The temperature at which the material dissolves can be adjusted. We can make bags that dissolve in cold water (used in countries with dry climates, e.g. Chile) up to almost boiling temperature. The big advantage is that there is no need to introduce new machines - it is enough to replace the traditional crude oil granules with our revolutionary Solubag granules.

Printing? Yes!

Nontoxic bags and non-woven bags can be printed on with different colors, preferably biodegradable.

Origins of Solubag

Solubag was first manufactured in Chile as a by-product of soluble detergent capsules. Due to the rising issue of plastic pollution along the coasts of Chile, the government issued a ban on disposable plastic bags. The development of a new material that met the required conditions in took 3 years. The Chilean company, which has developed Solubag, has had the composition of this material certified by the Food and Drug Administration in Chile, subsequently,  has won the Best Innovation Award from Latin America.

Roberto Astete, the scientist who has discovered Solubag material,  has found the solution to the global issue with plastics and micro-plastics, which decompose inefficiently.